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No Two Blocks Are Alike....And Our's Tell A Story!

In the world of natural resources, everything is unique and one of a kind. This world, is what Once Kids products are made of.  

Just like our name “Once” and what it stands for. We utilize organic, natural, and environmentally friendly materials to make our products.
We felt compelled to let our readers know... In every collections, no two blocks will be alike. 
Mom was right, being different is really better. If everything in the world were the same, nothing would be as spectacular! 
Eco-bricks™ Mom showing child how to play
To the naked eye each block may seem identical in size, but grab a magnifying glass to take a closer look.
For instance, our Eco-bricks™ blocks are made from natural materials, FSC certified wood. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council which is an organization that helps protect our trees and ensures replenishment. 
Once Kids pays a premium to ensure all of our products are FSC. We understand that EVERYTHING has an impact on people and the environment we live in.
But wait there's more... Once Kids didn't stop here, we partnered with One Tree Planted. With every purchase made on our site, a tree is planted.
When each block is cut, you will see different grains and color ranges. And here's why....
Did you know that when a tree ages and you cut into it, there are many rings?
These rings tell the story of the tree’s life. The center ring indicates the first year of growth. Large spaces in between rings show a rainy wet season, thin spaces between the rings show dry seasons. Dark spots, or ridges in trees show scars from things like forest fires.
All this being said, these grain lines will tell the story of the wooden block you hold in your hand. This is why you see a variance of grain and color in our blocks. Plastic blocks definitely don't share this, but wooden blocks have a story that lives on for years to come! 
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