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Once Kids has always been at the forefront of developing products that are good for the environment as 95% of the industry is still plastic today. We recognized a missing element, personalization. How wonderful to be original. We took to the challenge to inspire children and adults to play...a chance to create an interactive experience. You don't tire of creating something new. In 2014 Once Kids was born with the primary idea of providing wooden toys in harmony with the environment and opportunities for creativeness.


So why personalization? 

We discovered personalized play as an important learned skill. A child benefits immensely through brain stimulus and the actual joy of making something new. Pride and inspiration work hand in hand. Here also lies the beginning of problem solving at an artistic level, plus a chance to socialize and develop people skills. 

At Once Kids each collection offers some form of personalization and here’s how:  

Wanderlust: Hand-crafted and hand-painted sustainable wood collection created to unlock the wanderlust spirit within us all! The Wanderlust City and Themed Collections also inspire explorative lessons during playtime! You can dive further into the culture and history of the city while you play and the wooden blocks infused with felt (which was spun from recycled plastic bottles) also add a sensory element for the child to discover. Our city and play set comes housed in a laser engraved wooden storage box that includes a chalkboard painted interior. Allowing children to personalize their own landscape with their cityscape. In addition, we keep one side of the block blank for additional personalization. 

Wanderlust -chalkboard insert


Playhard Heroes: An earth-saving wooden action figure collection. These heroes fight crime to save our planet with their earthly given power and when resting they are housed in a laser engraved wooden storage box. Once stored they still keep a watchful eye for danger peering out from their lid’s holes for maximum protection. Each storage box has a chalkboard painted interior for more creative fun. Now compatible with Eco-bricks™ Plus collections.


We took personalization a step further with offering a customizable action figure known as the DIY series. These series expanded in 2021 giving you multiple sizes to choose from.


We introduced the first ever customizable mini figure and mega figure.  

Playhard Minifigure: Another worlds’ first. Fully customizable minifigures. Our minifigure series is fully compatible with Eco-Bricks™. Yes, they work with plastic too! Each box includes 1 or 2 unfinished, natural, minifigures and 10 color pencils to color your own. When used with crayons or color pencils, you can easily erase with a Magic Eraser. Want something more permanent? Markers and paint work well too. 


Playhard MEGAFIGURE: is designed for the Artist. A wooden mega figure that is three times the size of our Action Figure series. The Playhard MEGAFIGURE is 19 inches tall! It includes 10 double-tip non-toxic markers for those serious Makers. Each figure comes with their very own Super Sized laser engraved storage box with chalkboard painted interior. Fully articulate, it defines our Art + Play experience


Eco-bricks™ Classic: A wooden construction interlocking block system that is compatible with major plastic brands. For those avid model-builders, you can interchange these sets and make masterpieces that no one will have. Eco-bricks™ is not only compatible but is able to be customized. You can add color of any media, but can you erase it if you mess up? When put to the test, the answer is yes. With their included 10 color pencils in each Eco-bricks™ Classic set, you can use a melamine sponge (Magic Eraser) to erase and color again. In addition, crayons will offer the same effect. 


We expanded the Eco-bricks™ collection to offer more to our customers. In 2021 we launched Bamboo to include felt stickers, Color, and Plus.  

Eco-bricks™ Bamboo: now offers adhesive felt shapes for an added layer of personalization. These felt-shaped stickers are sustainable too. All are spun from recycled plastic bottles and perfect for sensory touch. 


Eco-bricks™ Color is naturally sourced wood with non-toxic water-base color tint! Made for the colorful mind. Compatible with the other Eco-bricks™ collections too. It’s not only safe for our kids but most importantly good for the environment. Eco-bricks™ Color also includes natural blocks in the sets that allow for customization.ECO-BRICKS™ COLOR

Eco-bricks™ Plus: are twice the size of their traditional Eco-bricks™ and are offered in natural and their new non-toxic water-based color tint. Double the fun! Perfect for little hands, Eco-bricks™ Plus are toddler friendly and compatible with major plastic block brands. You can personalize the natural blocks just like Eco-bricks™ Classic. ECO-BRICKS™ PLUS - TWICE THE SIZE

It's like a babysitter in a box, given the endless playtime, your child is happy and most importantly, Mom is happy! 

Once Kids loves to personalize. And as you see, we encourage it in all of our collections. We are building toys that help kids build a belief in themselves. 
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