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Wrappin' Up 2021 With Once Kids

What an amazing year it has been! We worked really hard and had many World's First for Once Kids. As we close 2021 we wanted to highlight all the new products Once Kids launched this year! 

The World's First DIY Mini-Figure

This September Once Kids launched, the first ever customizable mini-figure, and fully compatible with blocks too (Eco-bricks™ or plastic blocks). If you need to make a quick edit, you can even erased with a melamine sponge. The Playhard Heroes DIY Mini-Figure is a natural and biodegradable wooden action-heroes. Even moveable and Pose-able. To look the part - grab the 10 included color pencils, design and decorate your hero's costume, and watch their heroic journey begin!

Compatible Action Figures!! 

In October, Once Kids brought the world compatible action figures. What does that mean for Playhard Heroes?... We continued the fun with the strong, earth loving, mighty gang and expanded the collection making them interlock with Eco-bricks™,  Not to mention, plastic brands too. 

Dream in Color!

Sometimes all you need is a splash of color. We brought Eco-bricks™ to life doing just that, with Eco-bricks™ Color. Made with non-toxic water-base color tint and of course biodegradable too! These beauties are compatible with the classic Eco-bricks™ and major block brands too.

Double the FUN! 

Once Kids introduced a new collection this Fall called Eco-bricks™ Plus. Not only twice the size of traditional Eco-bricks™ but toddler friendly too! The Plus collection comes in two styles, natural and color blocks. The color with Eco-bricks™ Plus is made with non-toxic water-base color tint. These fun blocks will inspire creativity – improve motor skills and delight all that play.

Sustainability At It's Finest! 

Once Kids has always been at the forefront of finding quality products but also sustainable ones too. Eco-bricks™ Bamboo was launched during 2020 at Once Kids  and in 2021, we took it a step further extending play with the addition of felt adhesive stickers. Eco-bricks™ Bamboo now is greener than ever. The felt is spun from recycled plastic bottles making it a healthier alternative to construction play. 

Expanding Play with Eco-bricks™ Builder Box

Once Kids Launched this holiday the first ever construction subscription box. We wanted to offer creative play and bring it to the next generation of sustainable builders. Eco-bricks ™ Builders is a bi-monthly subscription and the theme is ever-changing, making the builds more exciting and fun for all. Follow along and join in the subscription to engage your creativeness. 

2021 has been a big year for Once Kids and we are just getting started! 2022 has many new collections and we can't wait to share with you too!

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