building a belief in kids

Once Kids was founded with a commitment to crafting sustainable toys to help parents provide developmental experiences for their children. In addition to providing high-quality toys, our Natural Wooden Brick Builders Box subscription service also offers a range of educational resources and support for parents. We provide tips and advice on how to encourage creative play and learning, as well as access to a community of like-minded parents who share your values

Our stem-based monthly kits will feed curiosity and build a belief in your child. Our wooden toy bricks are made from sustainable materials and are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring that they are safe for children to play with. They are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, so your child can enjoy them for years to come.


Make It

Make it yours! Every month you will receive a new instruction wooden brick build kit with additional bricks for creative open-ended building.

love it

Creativity takes courage! Build what you love and customize it with color.