Hello from Once Kids

We are a soulful, design-oriented, playful, and sustainable children's toy  company. We build environmentally-friendly toys that help kids strengthen their sense of wonder and creativity! 
We believe in believing.
  • Believing that kids learn to believe in themselves through the toys they play with.
  • Believing that boys and girls alike have the ability to create imaginary worlds with a handful of blocks and superhero figures.
  • Believing in creating products that align with a cause that will positively impact future generations.
We are building a toy company that all of us can believe in.
Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Environmentally-friendly.
Once Kids. For Always. 


The Environment

Once Kids products are made from environmentally friendly wood - a biodegradable and renewable resource. At Once Kids, we understand the role plastic plays in children's toys today and its negative affect it has on the environment. We created Once Kids to develop natural, heirloom-quality toys that are both safe for the environment and non-toxic to our kids.

ONCE Kids products will always be Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Eco-friendly.

All of our products are made from FSC Certified wood. In addition, we partner with One Tree Planted - which means with every purchase made on our site, a tree is planted to help protect the Earth.


Protecting our Oceans

Once Kids is excited to announce the Ocean Conservancy as our corporate partner to directly aid in the cleanup of plastic from our oceans. Putting a dent in ocean plastic isn't something that can be done alone. We will be contributing 1% of Total Sales directly to the Trash Free Seas Alliance®. 

Each year 8 Million Metric Tons of plastic enters the world's oceans, drastically altering the delicate balance for marine life. Over 80% of this ocean plastic originates from land based sources. If nothing is done to combat the flow of ocean plastics into waterways and the sea by 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish. It is our mission to do our part in preventing this!