Company Values

We are building eco-friendly toys that help kids strengthen their sense of wonder and creativity!

We believe in believing.

-Believing that kids learn to believe in themselves through the toys they play with.

-Believing that boys and girls alike have the ability to create imaginary worlds with a handful of blocks and superhero figures.

-Believing in creating products that align with a cause that will positively impact future generations.

We are building a toy company that all of us can believe in.

Wooden toys are a great way to do your part for the environment, without even having to do much at all. By purchasing a wooden toy that is sustainably sourced and made from certified wood, you are playing a small part in reducing the amount of plastic waste.

We will be giving back 1%of sales to aid in the clean up of plastic in our oceans.

Once Kids' products are made from environmentally friendly wood - a biodegradable and renewable resource. At Once Kids, we understand the role plastic plays in children's toys today and its negative affect it has on the environment. We created Once Kids to develop natural, heirloom-quality toys that are both safe for the environment and nontoxic to our kids.

Once Kids products are primarily age graded 4+. We know how important block play is in early childhood development so we offer Eco-bricks™ Plus age graded 2+ for our toddlers. These blocks are twice the size of the standard Eco-bricks™ and perfect for little hands!

Eco-bricks™ products are made from FSC certified wood. We follow strict guidelines of harvesting and more importantly replenishing trees for the wood that is used. The world has progressed greatly in establishing guidelines to protect our environment and forest, with the harvest of wood for FSC products. Eco-bricks™ Bamboo are made from Bamboo which is technically a grass. Think of sustainability with super powers. Fast growing, extremely abundant, and with incredible antimicrobial properties that stay clean with high use. Wood and bamboo are also biodegradable. Biodegradable means it goes back into the earth (decomposes) without harming our environment. Once Kids also utilizes wood because it is a perfect medium for creativity where you can color on it! Any creative block set allows for customization with pencils, crayons, markers, paint, and more. Our open build sets inspire creativity to build something unique - bring it to life with color, and create an 100% original piece, made by you!


Once Kids products give children the ability to learn about cities around the world, texture learning through block play, and inspire creativity through coloring on your toys, and remind us all that wooden toys can be a gift to/from the environment.

We even developed an educational line for schools and educators to bring our products to their in-person and virtual classrooms.

Interested? See our Education Page or email us to learn more on our educational line for your classroom.


Yes, all Eco-bricks™ collections can interlock with mainstream plastic blocks.  We took our product one step further and opened it up for personalization - we call it "Art+Play". Each collection, including Eco-bricks™, Wanderlust, and Playhard Heroes all give the ability to add color and personalization.

While we know instructions are great to follow, we believe in inspiring creativity. We have you covered with build ideas with a wide-range of photos so you can see what our creators have built along the way. Head over to the Build Set Ideas page for more ideas. While you are busy building your creations, submit your ideas to our contact page -we'd love to see them!

We cannot wait to see what our creators come up with, we might even post your ideas for the world to see!

With Eco-bricks™ and the Playhard Heroes DIY sets, we include color pencils. In addition to the pencils: paint, markers, and crayons all adhere to our products' surfaces. Ready to start fresh with a new creation using the same blocks? You can utilize a melamine sponge to erase and color again (intended use with crayons and color pencils).

Yes, Eco-bricks™ Bamboo is made of natural bamboo. There are no chemicals or coatings added to the product line. In addition, it is antimicrobial and easy to clean. Which makes it perfect for many hands to enjoy.

After all, the Once in Once Kids stands for Organic, Natural, Charitable, and Eco-friendly.

Once Kids blocks make the perfect heirloom toys! Keep in mind the following simple tip to help keep your Eco-bricks™ and Once Kids products looking great:

Keep your blocks away from water, food, and your pet's mouth. Water will warp wood so in order to keep your blocks clean but dry, clean your blocks lightly with a damp cloth and mild detergent.


Shipping costs vary. It depends upon the weight of your products and your delivery location. Multiple items will add additional weight and cost. And when you order $50 or more, domestic shipping is free (excludes HI, AK, PR).

Return Policy + Other

Yes, Once Kids products can be returned. Customers have the right to return all unused, regular priced (non-sale/discounted) in its original, sellable condition, for a refund of the price paid for the item at checkout, less all return shipping costs incurred by Once Kids. To qualify, the parcel must be postmarked for return shipping within 2 weeks of the delivery date. Contact us with any questions you have.

For more details visit our return policy.

Absolutely! We test all of our products in a third-party, certified lab. We are CPSIA, ASTM, EN71 and CE Compliant. We pride ourselves on quality products and safety will always be our top priority.

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