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Sustainable Fall Tips!

🍁 The new season has arrived and as we begin to enjoy the cooler temps and holiday events - here are a few ways to have a greener, more sustainable Fall season! 

     1. Go Green for Halloween

As you begin to think about costumes and decorations, consider DIY your decor or kid's costumes this year! Find ways to use what you have in your closets and storage to make something new! Also - ask around in your family friend groups and do a costume / decor exchange to help save money and cut down on single-purchased or seasonal items. 

     2. Support Local Farmers and Eat Seasonal Produce

Spend a Saturday morning at your local farmer's market! You'll find the tastiest, organic produce all while supporting farmers and the environment. 

     3. Keep a Cooler House

Open up the windows and invite the beautiful Fall weather in! Cutting down on A/C usage helps not only your energy bill but is a step to a greener lifestyle! 

     4. Go Outside 

Take time to move your body and spend some time outside! A stroll in the morning or evening is not only good for our physical health but our mental health as well!  

      5. Bring Your Lunch

Often times, eating out means single-use products and lots of waste. With all of the fresh veggies and fruits you purchased at the farmers market - create quick grab and go meals for your lunch at work! It'll save you money and cut down on plastic waste. 

Follow these tips and checkout our biodegradable toys here for a Sustainable and Fun Fall! 

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