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Sustainability Tips and Tricks!

♻️ Tip & Tricks for a Green and Sustainable Summer 🌊

 We are all about sustainability here at Once Kids! Whether it's with the toys our children play with the products we use daily, we want to do our part in protecting the Earth for generations to come!  

  • Sustainable Living Tips:
  • 1. Minimize Single-Use Products
        • Convenience is everything these days but with a few simple, intentional acts - we can make an impact in waste! Leave a reusable bag in your car for those quick trips to the grocery store for only a handful of items. Also, for when it's necessary to have paper plates and to-go utensils, choose biodegradable plates when heading to the bbq or picnic!
  • 2. Go Nontoxic at Home
        • We've recently learned that indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air, due to the toxic chemicals often found in conventional cleaners and other products. We want to challenge you to clean up the products and air in your homes this Summer! When you choose eco-friendly, less-toxic cleaning products, detergents, fragrances, candlesbody care, and more, you keep your indoor air cleaner and make your home healthier for yourself, family and pets. 
  • 3. Green Your Closet
      • Fast Fashion has taken over the fashion industry. We simply buy too much inexpensive/poor quality clothing that we can only really wear for one season - resulting in thousands of pounds of clothing polluting our landfills every year. One step to take to have a more sustainable wardrobe is to incorporate and build a "capsule wardrobe". Purchase less items and when you do buy, buy organic and ethical pieces that have the quality to last for years to come! 


  • 4. Green Your Energy Use 
        • There are several ways to take advantage of  energy efficiency in your home and office. Green the rest of your energy use to reduce your carbon footprint even more by getting energy efficient windows, appliances, and more!
  • 5. Save Water
        • According to the EPA, the average American family typically uses over 300 gallons of water every day - that's wild! It's critical that we save water where we can. Ever leave the water on while brushing your teeth? Try remembering to turn it off between brushes next time. Also, try limiting sprinkler time outside. Set a timer for when the children are playing in it or for how long it runs to water the grass.
  • 6. Consume whole foods 
        • Summer is the perfect time to stroll down to your local farmer's market. Choosing local not only helps the economy but also your food was sourced responsibly. We want to challenge you to purchase food that’s organic (grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that pollute the planet), planted and harvested fairly in ways that don’t exploit farmworkers, and isn’t cruel and inhumane to animals. 
  • 7. Build Green
        • Buildings play a substantial role on the health of the environment. By implementing green features and using renewable or recycled and salvaged materials, home and building owners can live more sustainable and greatly reduce a building’s impact on the environment and the climate. 
  • 8. Reuse and Recycle
        • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle is what we all learned in grade school as ways to live sustainably. By reusing products instead of buying them new, you can make a dent in pollution and waste. Whether you find innovative ways to use things you already own, or swap, buy, or barter for someone else’s items—helps save energy, curb global warming emissions, and preserve the Earth’s precious resources. Try choosing a reusable straw, drinking tumbler, or plate (instead of disposable paper products) next time you're out! And remember, always recycle.
  • 9. Green Your Transportation
        • Transportation is one of the world’s largest sources of global-warming pollution. When applicable, try walking, biking, or taking public transit instead of driving. You’ll do your part in cutting down on air pollution and help reduce emissions that are contributing to the climate crisis. 
  • 10. Travel Sustainably
      • It's Summer which means we are ready to hit the beach or take the family on their next greatest adventure! When it’s time to go on vacation, choosing locally owned hotels, organic restaurants, and green businesses can help minimize your travel footprint.

    We hope these ten sustainable living suggestions illustrate how you can live a greener life and adopt earth-friendly habits.

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