Bamboo Bricks Education Medium Set with Felt Stickers

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Once Kids Eco-bricks Bamboo Bricks Natural and Biodegradable Bamboo Construction Bricks - STEM Accredited Education Medium Set 

Introducing the Once Kids Eco-bricks Bamboo Bricks, an ideal addition to your eco-friendly construction brick collection, especially for educational settings. This STEM accredited Education Medium Set is perfect for classrooms, stations, and homeschooling, with ELA lesson plans incorporated for comprehensive learning.

Crafted from natural and biodegradable bamboo, these construction bricks offer not only beauty and durability but also sustainability. Designed to interlock with Eco-bricks wooden brick sets and Lego® pieces, they provide endless mix-and-match possibilities without the need to start your collection anew.

The set includes assorted style bamboo bricks, allowing for countless design configurations that provide hours of construction fun. STEM accredited and certified, these bricks offer the benefits of STEM play, fostering fine motor skills and environmental awareness in both children and adults.

To further promote sustainability, the set comes with felt stickers made from recycled plastic bottles. These stickers not only reduce pollution but also make it easier to incorporate environmental values into playtime. With over 250 build ideas available online, the set sparks creativity and offers limitless inspiration. Build animals, robots, cabins, rockets, spaceships, castles, modern houses, and more—the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

In educational settings, these bamboo bricks can be used as teaching tools for sight words, counting numbers, and environmental and sustainable lesson plans. Their versatility extends beyond construction play, making them valuable resources for learning various subjects.

Enhancing the building experience, the set includes axles and wheels, enabling you to construct cars, carriages, trucks, trains, and any other imaginative designs. The possibilities for creating unique and exciting structures are boundless.

By choosing Once Kids Eco-bricks Bamboo Bricks, you not only enjoy the fun of building but also actively contribute to reducing your environmental impact. Bamboo, known for its fast-growing nature and carbon neutrality, helps to reduce plastic pollution while protecting our planet and oceans. Join the movement towards healthier and greener construction brick building with Eco-Bricks Bamboo. Start building a better future today!

These precision-carved natural bamboo bricks possess antimicrobial properties, ensuring cleanliness even with high use. Their durability and hygiene make them perfect for continuous play, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable building experience.

Embrace the natural beauty and sustainability of bamboo with Once Kids Eco-bricks Bamboo Bricks. Experience the joy of learning, creativity, and environmental responsibility in one comprehensive set.

The Bamboo Bricks Education Medium Set Includes:

50 - 2x4 Bamboo Bricks 

30 - 2x2 Bamboo Bricks

4 - 2x8 Bamboo Bricks

4 - 2x8 Axels in Bamboo

77 - Assorted Felt Stickers to Customize

The Bamboo Bricks Education Medium Set is accompanied by a lesson plan designed for comprehensive learning. The bricks can be easily used in both group time and center play throughout the classroom.

Find the specifically designed lesson plan here to inspire little ones' minds:

Find Lesson Plan here!

Benefits of using Bamboo for Construction Toy Bricks with our Environment

Sustainability: Bamboo is a renewable and fast-growing resource that requires less water compared to traditional timber. This means that bamboo is a more sustainable alternative to plastic, which is a non-renewable resource that requires significant amounts of energy and natural resources to produce.

Biodegradability: Unlike plastic, which can take hundreds of years to break down and may release harmful chemicals into the environment, bamboo is biodegradable and can decompose naturally without causing harm to the environment.

Carbon footprint: The production of plastic bricks generates significant amounts of carbon emissions, contributing to climate change. Bamboo bricks, on the other hand, have a lower carbon footprint because bamboo is a highly sustainable and rapidly renewable resource.

Aesthetics: Bamboo bricks have a unique natural look and texture that can add a visually appealing element to your constructions. They can also be painted and embellished to create a variety of colors and designs.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years.


Our mission at Once-Kids is to make toys that kids make their own that help save our planet! 

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