Once Kids understands that everything we produce has an impact on the people and environment around them, so let’s make it a positive one. We selected two impactful partnerships to aid in our mission to protect our planet around our forest and oceans, One Tree Planted® and the Trash Free Seas Alliance®. One Tree Planted® restores our forests, creates a habitat for biodiversity, and makes a positive social impact around the world. We plant one tree with every purchased product. Ocean plastic pollution is also a massive problem on a global scale. The Trash Free Seas Alliance® is the oldest forum of its kind focused on innovative and pragmatic solutions to rid the ocean of plastic pollution and other forms of marine debris. Once Kids helps save our oceans by aiding in the clean-up of plastic. Once Kids focuses on the real-world collaboration to stop the flow of plastics into the ocean. Marine debris is one of the greatest threats our ocean faces, but luckily it is an issue with which we can all play a part in the solution. Have you ever walked along a beautiful beach and been surprised to find a piece of plastic at your feet? And the problem goes deeper than what you’re seeing on the beaches. Scientists estimate that more than 11 million metric tons of plastics are entering our ocean every year. If we don’t act now, there could be a pound of plastic for every 3 pounds of fish in the ocean within the next decade. Once Kids has been at the forefront of the trash free seas challenge for more than 8 years. Trash in the ocean has serious consequences for all of us, but there is hope. With your help, we can solve the ocean plastic crisis together.



Biodegradable blocks are not just important but protect our earth and the habitat we live in. Did you know that over 150 Billion plastic blocks are produced every year that will never leave our planet? Of course most people might not discard but what about their kids or their kids' kids. Once lost or discarded, no matter where they end up in the trash, landfills, most all will make their way to our oceans. Plastic is non-biodegradable which means it will never break down to benefit our environment. Instead it breaks into microplastic which resembles food for our ocean wildlife. This is detrimental to them. In fact a mere multiplication of production year after year of non-biodegradable plastic is now consuming our planet. There are regions of the world that will not allow plastic now due to the amount of non-decomposing waste they have in their landfills. This is not just a need or a want to make a change or a marketing ploy, but a call to action for our kids and their kids to take back our environment and educate consumers the roles plastic plays. We can no longer stand by and contribute to the degradation of our planet. Our mission is to create an impact, a change, to provide hope that 200-300 years from now our planet has birds that fly, fish that swim, and wildlife thriving. With your purchase you have joined the Once Kids mission to Create Wonder, Inspire Creativity, and Build Responsibly while protecting our Planet.