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Sneak Peak into Once Kids' New Action Figures for 2022...

 Action figures have been a core foundation in the toy industry, primarily made of plastic and often based upon characters from a film, comic book, military, video game, or television program. Once Kids™ loves this category, but one thing was missing… BIODEGRADABILITY!!


As many categories in the industry are plastic Once Kids™ set out on a mission to change this. We saw a gap, a BIG one … and one that needed to change. Not to alter the world of action figures and what they offer, but to expand and educate consumers on what is missing.


In 2014, Once Kids™ developed a line of action figures called the Playhard Heroes. These action figures are made of 100% biodegradable wood. Moveable and posable these action figures stand strong at 7.5” tall. As you may know, we introduced new sizes in 2021. The world’s first DIY Mini Figure  (3.5” tall) and DIY Mega Figure (19” Tall).


We knew sustainability was most important in the lines we offer but we elaborated on much more. We created a collectible action figure line named after trees and gave each an earthly superhero power. And here they are … SycamoreFirBirchSpruceTulipLarch, and  Hemlock. In 2021 we extended into compatibility with the Eco-bricks™ Plus collection. Now you can integrate your Playhard Heroes with your blocks too. This even works with our new DIY mini figure and it is compatible with the Eco-bricks™ classic style. Continuing the story of the Playhard Heroes, we knew they needed more with battle, action, and saving the earth but how??.....


Coming this year for 2022 Once Kids™ is introducing a new action figure to the collection called the Playhard Villains. Because every Superhero needs a Villain.


The vengeful gang of Playhard Villains are coming for the Playhard Heroes. These hand-painted wooden action figure series were created to go on wicked adventures! And just like the Playhard Heroes, the 7.5” Villain Series is compatible with the Eco-bricks™ Plus collection.


The Playhard Villains™ are named after the most deadliest trees and each have their very own unique power to fight against the Heroes.


 Manchineel, Sandbox, Bunya,  Odollam, and  Milky Mangrove.

When it's time for the Villains to rest, store them away in their laser engraved wooden storage boxes with chalkboard painted interior. They always remain wary of the Heroes peering through their lookouts. Battle, action, or role-play with the Villains.


Follow along as we introduce the Villains this year and offer more to your playtime!

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