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Once Kids Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer

Once Kids Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Once Kids Products has all the fun, creative gifts your little ones could want. Our Once Kids Holiday Gift Guide is here to spread joy and innovation, and it’s just a click away!


Stocking Stuffers

Looking for the best stocking stuffers to stuff kid or adult stockings? Look no
further! Once Kids not only has unique gifts but one-of-a-kind stuffers just for you.

 Playhard Heroes Mini Heroes

DIY Mini Figure: Our DIY Mini figures is out of this WORLD… The world's first wooden DIY Mini action figure! The Playhard Heroes DIY Mini-Figure is a natural and biodegradable wooden action-heroes. They are moveable and poseable. To look the part - grab the 10 included color pencils, design and decorate your hero's costume, and watch their heroic journey begin!

 Eco-bricks™ 24pc Classic

Eco-Bricks (24pc/45pc): Once Kids' signature product category, Eco-bricks™, has caught the toy industry by storm with an all wooden, interlocking construction block set. Eco-bricks™ is a wooden construction interlocking block system that is compatible with major plastic brands. For those avid model-builders, you can interchange these sets and make masterpieces that no one will have. Eco-bricks™ are not only compatible but are able to be customized.


You can add color to any media, but can you erase it if you mess up? When put to the test, the answer is yes. With their included color pencils in each traditional Eco-bricks™ set, you can use a melamine sponge to erase and color again. In addition, crayons will offer the same effect. Choose from our many sizes or collect them all!


Playhard Heroes DIY - create and make your own super hero Playhard Heroes DIY - create and make your own super hero


Playhard Heroes/DIY: Playhard Heroes are a collection of beautifully designed, hand-painted wooden action figure series that were created to go on epic adventures while saving the planet! The Playhard Heroes are now compatible with Eco-bricks! This means the fun continues, your hero can stand tall on top of buildings or fly across the city interlocked on Eco-bricks™. The 7.5" Playhard heroes are compatible with the Eco-bricks™ Plus collection and the Playhard Heroes Miniseries are compatible with the traditional Eco-bricks™. But wait there's more... Fight crime (and plastic waste) with the Playhard Hero DIY Action Figure - the highly coveted identity of this powerful hero is in your hands!

 Once Kids Gift Card

Gift card to Once Kids: Not sure what to get your kiddo this year? A gift card to Once Kids is a wonderful way to spread cheer and encourage their creativity this holiday season.

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