Father’s Day is a great time to express to Dad we care. The big question is how do you do that when his cabinets are packed with too many “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs to count and his closet is already stuffed with unworn ties from Father’s Days past? If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift or activity to show your love this Father’s Day, here are 10 creative ways to show Dad your gratitude for all he does.


  1. Purchase small artists’ canvases. Let your kids paint pictures of themselves doing things with him.
  2. Give him a jar filled with slips of paper of things you appreciate about him.
  3. Instead of the same old generic card at the grocery store we buy every year, that ends up in the trash eventually. Write him a letter, he will cherish it forever.
  4. Swap stories. Our memories are always something to cherish. Perhaps the first time you rode your bike, or your favorite birthday party, or the time he taught you how to fix a flat.
  5. Get out of town. Plan a weekend together to share with Dad. Fishing, Hiking, Biking, or a few days a the beach. It will be a memory he won’t forget.
  6. Give him some alone time. We all have moments where we need a breather or just time by ourselves. Give time to Dad.
  7. Watch his favorite movie together. Remember that time, when Dad spent countless hours watching and rewatching your favorite movies. Show him you appreciate him by returning the favor. Don't forget the popcorn.
  8. Recreate a childhood photo and make Dad laugh.
  9. Cook his favorite meal. Or if he is a master cook, allow him to teach you his favorite dish.
  10. Give the gift that brings him back to being a kid. Wooden Toys! Wooden toys are the toys that leave a lasting impression and built to last! It's a gift Dad will be sure to love! Check out our Eco-bricks™, Playhard Heroes, and Wanderlust. They are all wonderful options. ❤️

We hope your Father's Day is filled with cherished memories. Sending hugs and love to all. 👔 ❤️