Plus+ Color Wood Bricks Education Large Set

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Once Kids Eco-bricks Plus+ Size Color Wood Bricks Large Education Set - Preschool Size Wooden Bricks Naturally Dyed with Non-Toxic Water Based Color 

Unlock the limitless potential of creativity and ignite a passion for STEM education with Eco-bricks Plus+ Color Wood Bricks Large Education Set. These natural and biodegradable construction bricks are the perfect learning tool for toddlers and preschoolers, offering a safe and engaging building experience.

Crafted from solid natural biodegradable wood, Eco-bricks Plus+ Color Wood Bricks are not only durable but also environmentally conscious. Sized specifically for toddlers and preschoolers, these bricks are double the size of traditional wooden bricks, providing an optimal fit for little hands and promoting fine motor skills development. They are fully compatible with Lego® Duplo® and Eco-bricks Wooden bricks, allowing for endless possibilities in the classroom and station settings.

Eco-bricks Plus+ Color Wood Bricks Large Education Set includes axles, enabling children to construct cars, trucks, and anything that moves. Watch as their creativity and problem-solving skills flourish while they design and experiment with different creations.

Safety is our utmost priority. These bricks are designed to be mouth-safe, ensuring worry-free play for curious toddlers. Additionally, Eco-bricks Plus+ Color Wood Bricks are naturally dyed with non-toxic, water-based colors, providing vibrant hues without compromising your child's well-being.

This solid construction heirloom toy not only provides endless hours of play but also becomes a cherished keepsake for generations to come.

Embrace an eco-friendly option that nurtures environmental awareness with Eco-bricks Plus+ Color Wood Bricks Large Education Set. Enhance your child's imagination, critical thinking skills, and early STEM development in the classroom and station settings. Join the movement and inspire the next generation of builders and thinkers with Eco-bricks Plus+ Color Wood Bricks!

The Plus+ Size Color Wood Bricks Education Large set comes with:

38 - 2x4 Plus+ Size Wooden Bricks in assorted colors and natural wood

24 - 2x2 Plus+ Size Wooden Bricks in assorted colors and natural wood

4 - 2x8 Plus+ Size Wooden Axels with Wooden Wheels in natural wood 

Find the Lesson Plan here!

Benefits of using wooden bricks over plastic bricks 

Eco-friendly and sustainable: Natural wooden bricks are made from renewable resources, such as FSC certified wood, which is sourced responsibly from sustainably managed forests. By choosing wooden bricks, you are promoting environmental awareness and teaching children the importance of sustainable practices.

Non-toxic and safe: Unlike some plastic bricks that may contain harmful chemicals, natural wooden bricks are non-toxic and safe for children to handle and play with. They do not release any harmful substances or microplastics, providing a healthier play environment.

Sensory experience: Wooden bricks offer a unique tactile experience for children. They have a natural warmth and texture that engages the senses, stimulating touch and enhancing sensory development.

Durability and longevity: Wooden bricks are generally more durable than plastic bricks. They can withstand rough play and last for generations, allowing children to enjoy them for a long time. Wooden bricks are less prone to breakage and can be passed down to younger siblings or future generations, reducing waste.

Encourages creativity and imagination: Natural wooden bricks provide a blank canvas for creativity. Children can build, stack, and create various structures using their imagination. Wooden bricks offer a more open-ended play experience, allowing children to explore different possibilities and develop problem-solving skills.

Fine motor skills development: Manipulating wooden bricks promotes the development of fine motor skills. Children enhance their hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and finger strength as they grasp, stack, and connect the bricks, supporting their overall motor skill development.

Connection with nature: Wooden bricks provide a connection to the natural world. Children can appreciate the beauty and unique characteristics of wood, fostering a deeper understanding and respect for nature.


Our mission at Once-Kids is to make toys that kids make their own while helping save our world's oceans. 

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