Eco-bricks™ Bamboo Education Large Set

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Once Kids Education is a full line of products that are designed for Educators, Home Schoolers, etc in mind. The Eco-bricks™ Bamboo set consists of natural, anti-microbial bamboo construction blocks ideal for a classroom setting! The non-toxic, anti-microbial properties of bamboo allow for it to stay germ-free. 

The Eco-bricks™ Bamboo Education Large Set includes: 

60 - 4 Dot blocks

104 - 8 Dot blocks

8 - 16 Dot blocks

8 - 16 Dot Axels

Use Eco-bricks™ Bamboo construction blocks as an introductory lesson into Sustainability for the classroom! To further inspire little ones in their cognitive development, we developed lessons to compliment the Eco-bricks™ Bamboo Education set where kids will learn how to build tree build sets and learn about the importance of keeping our Earth safe:

Find the Lesson Plan here

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